by Lawrence Rubey and A. Bennett Hennessey

Inquisivi is a wonderful little gem of a town in the Department of La Paz. It is also the haunt of the recently described Bolivian Spinetail, discovered in the 1990s by Sjoerd Mayer. But unfortunetly the habitat is being destroyed yearly at an unsustainable rate. We recommend the Machaca site from Cochabamba hub for the same habitat but in a better state. This endemic spinetail is relatively easy to find as it rapidly comes into playback of it's own song. Also around are Olive-crowned Crescentchest, White-vented Violetear, and Undulated Antpitta. Huayco Tinamou and Ochre-breasted (Bolivian) Antpitta can be heard from the ridge above town. Black-and-rufous Warbling-Finch, Black-billed Shrike-Tyrant and Darwin's Nothura can be found on the grass slopes above the village. In the dry forest leading down to the river look for Green-cheeked Conure and Sooty-fronted Spinetail. The dry forest patches lower down near the river is also the best place to look for Bolivian Spinetail.

The drive into Inquisivi also offers a couple good stops. About 70 km after leaving the main La Paz-Oruro highway, begin to check vegetated areas at about 4000 meters for Black-hooded Sunbeam and Tawny-Tit Spinetail. Just below Pongo town (about 80 km from the main highway), there are some good patches of vegetation. Rufous-bellied Saltator common around Quime where there is remnant Polylepis.

Logistics: Turn off the main La Paz-Oruro Paz highway at the town of Konani, the turn to Quime is signposted. From the turn-off, it is about 3 hours ( 106 km) to Inquisivi. For the best birding, from the town, follow the winding road down to river. From about 2500 meters down to the river over the bridge at 2150 meters, there is a 100 hectare patch of dry, low spiny "forest." It is possible to find pleasant campsites near the river. Alternatively, ask in town as there are families that rent rooms. A bus for Inquisivi leaves the main terminal (ticket window 31 (Jan. 2006)) at 6 am. Might be another leaving around midday. Buses arrive at 1 PM or 2 PM in Inquisivi. If returning by bus, buy tickets in advance.

GPS reading at Inquisivi town plaza: S 16 54.400 W 67 08.235
GPS reading at river-side campsite below Inquisivi: S 16 53.181 W 67 08.791