Las Ruinas

by Bennett Hennessey

This is a popular tourist attraction which has been average for birding. The area has similar dry valley habitat found along the main road down from Samaipata. The main attraction of this site is the possibility to see the skulker the Giant Antshrike.  It is known to be about 200 meters down from the last junction.  This area also has many similar birds to the main road including Condors, White-tailed Plantcutter, and groups of Mitred and Blue-crowned Parakeets and Turquious-fronted Parrots.  It is much quieter than the road.

Logistics: Before reaching Samaipata, approximetly 1km before Samaipata there is a junction on the left with a sign marking "El Fuerte".  We have been told that the Giant Antshrike has been seen around this area.

GPS reading at turnoff to Las Ruinas: S 1810.281 W 06350.666