Bird Bolivia Introduction

Bird Bolivia is a tourism agency designed to support sustainable conservation with local communities through well designed birdwatching activities. We do not take a commission to visit conservation reserves- so tourism directly helps their conservation. No other agency does this in Bolivia.

Bird Bolivia believes in the mutualism that tourists can enjoy the natural world while at the same time helping to support the protection of threatened habitats and species. An important link of benefits can occur when a birdwatcher or naturalist can visit sites where threatened species live within community areas, leaving a direct benefit to the local economy, stressing that untouched nature also has an economic value.

Bird Bolivia is also a tourism agency that strives to offer quality, punctual and professional services. We have specialized local bird guides fluent in English and our birding routes. We work to train indigenous bird guides. Our bird knowledge is based on scientific research and strong conservation programs from the largest bird conservation NGO in Bolivia, Asociación Armonia. Bird Bolivia works hand in hand with Armonia to support bird conservation in Bolivia.

Bird Bolivia is a family run tourism agency, utilizing Ruth Alipaz’s business administration knowledge with her tourism community development experience to help local communities and Bolivian conservation combining with her husband Bennett Hennessey’s passion for birds and their protection.

Our work

* Developing local capacity in birdwatcher services
* Using rapid surveys to evaluate abundances and richness of habitats
* Reviewing the development of potential tourism sites
* Offer specialized tourism packages to visit threatened and rare species
* Organize trip logistics to remote areas in Bolivia
* Train and offer local birds guides