Comments from our trips

“If you want terrific birding, try Bolivia and if you want excellent guides, well-planned trips, top-notch support, and no surprises, use Bird Bolivia. I did and I can't imagine a better birding experience.”
- George Fenwick, President, American Bird Conservancy

"Thanks again for organizing such a great tour for us." See Paul's trip report
- Paul Jones and Jodie van Dieen

“We would like to say thank you so very much for arranging an outstanding birding trip in Bolivia. The itinerary was excellent and we really enjoyed the countryside lodges and people. Sandro has an absolutely amazing knowledge of the birds and seems to have Xray vision finding them. To see 420 species in 2 weeks without going to the amazon was way beyond our expectations. Carlos is probably the safest driver we have ever travelled with anywhere internationally and both he and Sandro were a great pleasure to travel with. They are real ambassadors for your Company and Bolivia We will come back to experience more
-Douglas Kirwin

“Our trip to the Red-fronted Macaw Lodge and to Los Volcanes was the highlight of my year.”
- Patsy Bailey

“I just wanted to thank you again for our wonderful trip! We can't wait to return!”
- Wendy Craig, Wendy's Parrots

“Sandro was amazing. His eyesight and hearing were superhuman!”
- Russell Graham

“My son and I have taken many birdwatching trips around the world, with the best guides, the best accommodation and the best itineraries, and our trip with Bird Bolivia to the Red-Fronted Macaw Lodge and Los Volcanes ranks with the best. Bird Bolivia offers an absolutely first-class service in every way.”
- Iain Ewing, Ewing Communications Pte Ltd

"Bolivia is a great combination for the traveling birder:  a relaxed and welcoming country and huge numbers of great birds.  I was impressed not only with the spectacular and endangered rarities, like the Blue-Throated and Red-Fronted Macaws, but with the diversity and sheer abundance of other species, especially in the department of Beni.  My only regret is that I stayed only ten days-- it would take at least twice that to do the country's avifauna any kind of justice."
- Jonathan Franzen, Author of The Collections and Freedom

“Thank you so much for everything. All was perfect. The Red-fronted Macaw lodge was breathtaking....It was one of the highlights of my stay in Bolivia...I have huge respect for your organisation and just want to thank everybody again.”
- Marcus Mailer

"Thank you for arranging a great tour. The second half with Sandro as guide was great. Sandro knows his birds really well!"
-Thomas Rütti

"I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our Macaw Adventure with you. We loved every minute of it - the number and variety of birds we saw, the lodges we stayed in, and best of all was the way we were looked after by your staff everywhere we went. Every single person we came in contact with went out of his (or her) way to make sure that we were as comfortable and as happy as possible. We have to single out Sandro as being one of the most impressive people we've met for a long time. His knowledge of birds is quite amazing, and we thoroughly enjoyed his company too. He's a real asset to your company. I also want to mention Carlos's driving skills. Despite the state of the roads in places he never missed a beat. A great holiday all round.!"
-Judy Peterson

"I've also been busy telling people about birdwatching in Bolivia, and I can truly say that the red fronted macaw trip was the highlight of my south american journey, and one of the most memorable things that has occured in my life so far. I am looking forward to coming back and trying for the blue throated macaw plus a currasow or 2."
-Matt Hamo

“I wanted to let you know that we have had a fantastic trip. We saw more than 50 species of bird pretty much every day and even some rare ones! Sandro is a fantastic guide, his knowledge is immense and he made sure we saw the hard to see birds. He is also a really great guy with good English and social skills...we really felt comfortable in his hands. Carlos was also a true gentleman, a careful and considerate driver and we enjoyed the time we spent with him too.
So, great birds, great people and great organisation...what more can I say but thanks you all very much indeed.”
- Annie and Roger Pearson

“I had a great day with Sandro. He seemed to be enjoying the birds as much as I was most of the time as well. I will definitely recommend Bird Bolivia to my friends and hope to be back again mysefl.”
- Scott Wiedmann

“What a great tour we had! It was apparent right from the start that we were all going to get along and the fun just built and built. Both Sandro and Carlos are totally professional performing their designated jobs, and have a fabulous and witty rapport .We all kidded each other mercilessly and the guys were up to that job too. Sandro truly loves what he does and is driven to find the bird.He froze his butt looking for the seed-snipe,but he found it. In the reception room at the last hotel in La Paz, he had his bins on a dove outside.”
- Sarah Fellows

“Era un fabuloso comienzo para nuestro viaje de 4 meses, y es uno de los más destacados. 
Tenemos muchos recuerdos preciosos de nuestro tiempo con Uds.”
- Audre Newman

“Wow!! What a fantastic trip we had with the dynamic duo Sandro and Carlos!! We had a fabulous trip thanks to the both of them. We had a long day of travel but made it home around 1am. We will send more soon about our trip to Bolivia and can not wait to spread the word and plan our next trip to your lodges! Thanks!”
- Terry Marron

“… and hope that we will have another chance to go birding with you in the near future. 
Also please give our regards to Sandro and Carlos.  The trip with all of you was a highlight of our year.”
- Roger Newman

“We would like to thank you for all the preparations. Our trip was succesfull and we couldn't imagine in September how well everything went at last....”
- Jussi Vakkala and Gustaf Nordenswan

“…we were very pleased with the service of Bird Bolivia over the past 5 days. Carlos and Herman
were an absolute pleasure to work with, and I hope we get a chance to work with them again in the future.”
- Jonathan Rossouw, Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions Director

“I greatly enjoyed my stay at the Red-fronted Macaw Lodge seeing many of the birds on the list you sent me”
- Nils Meyer Aarsø

"Things went very well, thanks: the birds were splendid; the arrangements worked; the guide was wonderfully expert, skilled, and companionable; and driver/cook safe, competent, and considerate. Altogether a very good experience. Well done Bird Bolivia - if I get a chance to come again, I'll hope to have the same two companions."
-John Gerson

“Primero me gustaria re-agradecerte por su atencion en mi vieje en agosto. Fue un placer tan grande conocer la Cabana Frente-roja y Los Volcanes. Su Compani y la de Hernan tambien maravillosa; la comida en Frente-roja ni se habla.”
- Patzy Bailey

“I remember very well my good time spent with you at the Red-fronted Macaw Lodge. I hope to get back to Bolivia soon. Would love to go back the the Macaw Lodge and then on to some other places. With your help, of course.”
- Harold Kollmejer

“Thanks for your email and our Bolivian journey was truly a great experience to remember, most especially with those amazing birds!!”
- Julieta Gunter

"thanks again for a great trip!"
-Mary Radford

“…and thanking you for the great time Kelli and I had in Bolivia.”
- Peter Gowland

“My overall assessment is that it was excellent and met my hopeful expectations. Sandro was an outstanding guide. His knowledge of the bird calls and his ability to attract them with playback and locate them for us in the underbrush or canopy with laser pointers was at times amazing. I never thought scopes could be used to efficiently for canopy species, but time and time again he found species, like the sharpbill, by scope. His English was very good and his personality enjoyable. Ricardo, though not speaking English, was also an excellent spotter, maybe even better than Sandro. He's learning the calls very well and should soon be an excellent guide for Spanish-speaking birders. And he was a delightful person. I hope you will eventually be able to recruit more out of your community. The tour itself was well-designed, though the chaco didn't turn out as expected (quite cold), but we did see a lot of different chaco-specific birds in our short tour there. Just the right amount of time was allocated for Sadiri and the Barba Azul ranch. I really enjoyed the ranch, because I had spent a lot of time in the llanos of Venezuela and the habitat was similar. Lots of familiar birds there but also plenty of new species for me, including the very odd cock-tailed tyrant. That was a very interesting bird. It took us a whole morning on horseback to find it, but to me it, and the experience itself, was a highlight of the trip. The star of the trip was Sadiri. What a wonderful lodge for that part of the world. The food was very good (except for the fish that one night). The people from the village did a wonderful job putting it together. The overall design of the property was excellent and the individual buildings as well (I hope Bob Ridgely was also impressed and that he will be able to hold his conference there -- he is a really good person and it was fun to see him again after maybe 25-30 years)! The lighted trails to the cabanas were very well designed. And the birding was great. Thanks so much for the trip. I will recommend Bird-Bolivia to anyone. Kelli and I had in Bolivia.”
- Marshall Howe

  Birds! What a place to Bird!!!! I guess the hunters and fishermen already know about Bolivia, because that's all I met o the airplane when I traveled there on my second trip, in business class. The birders need to wake up. There's a lot of birds here and a lot of rural, unspoiled scenery. With a bird list of around 1,400 species and an amazing variety of habitats from Pantanal to Andes Mountains and glaciers, you should be able to find what you're looking for. I used to package my parrot trip, and it was first rate.
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"Our birdwatching group of eight had a wonderful and memorable four night stay at the Barba Azul Reserve in N. Beni.  The accommodations were comfortable and the meals were excellent.  The friendly staff made us feel at home.  We found the unique habitat of the reserve of great interest.  The number of macaws in the area was impressive, and we had multiple sightings of the endangered Blue-throated Macaw and two other macaw species.  And a wonderful view of a Giant Anteater on the last day was just icing on the cake.  A new experience for many was fishing for piranhas, then having them for supper.  After birdwatching at various sites in Bolivia for three weeks, the group voted for their favorite birds of the trip.  The top two favorites were birds seen at the Barba Azul Reserve--  the Blue-throated Macaw and the strange and charismatic Cock-tailed Tyrant, a unique bird of the grasslands.  When I organize another birding trip to Bolivia, I'll surely return to the Barba Azul Reserve, a fascinating and beautiful place. "
-Dana Gardner